Lights twinkle, nativity scene tickles
Yet Holy is not in perfection
But came with blood mixed in hay while teenagers held God
And war broke loose to ruin God’s Affection

Dragon king ordered dark to destroy infants
Blood ran red while babies were tossed like rocks in heap
Wailing rose, echoed horror and grief
Dreams made mothers sweat while waking made them weep

Under hood of night, family fled slaughter
Grit in the shape of adolescents
Baby king safe, hidden by angelic marauder
Bizarre plan pitted baby against dictator

Tiny king grew, bright white in middle of stain
Love lived, making mud to mend, championing harlot
Drawing in dust, touching filth, stopping blood, waking slain, 
God invades world to spill over us scarlet

This is Christmas.


By Jill Dyer