I am receiving a gift this very moment. An odd one.

My 8-year-old is sick with a fever and cough. I can’t send him to school. It is Dec. 21st. I have a last minute stocking stuffers to buy and gifts to deliver before the holidays. Not to mention, Gryffon is missing a special day at school. Making gingerbread houses and a field trip to the Science Station. I love these kinds of school days. Playful. Less sitting. More creating. I was planning to help in the classroom and go on the field trip.  I hate that Gryff is missing this day.

And, it is a gift.

I cannot pound out my to-do list. I am relegated to being home. 

I initially purposed that this week would be full of self-care. I have been running hard. Each day came with sneaky priorities.

Early in the week, I intended to invite some girls out for a glass of wine. I planned to walk by the river. I was committed to going to yoga. I wanted to read a chapter of fiction. Here it is Thursday and not one of those things has happened.

I choose to receive the counter-intuitive gift of a sick child.

I have the privilege of co-creating a non-profit with a good friend. We are talking with a life-coach to help us craft the practical steps of birthing this dream. This week, while we spoke on the phone, our beautiful coach, Lori, said, “What if you practiced SEAS? Stop Everything And Self-care?" Shan and I were each spinning with our long lists, like twinkle lights on the flash setting. Our check-in showed that neither of us had been caring for ourselves well. One of the re-occurring principles our coach is teaching is that we cannot sustain a non-profit if we are not caring for ourselves. 

On this day when I need to do many things, I am practicing SEAS. Even if I was tricked into it. And truthfully, I cannot sit and self-care all day long. But I can right now. For the next hour, I will spend the luxury of my life on me.

When I love myself well, I am full and capable of loving those around me with the same luxury. 

This Christmas season, I am going to be a sleuth, looking for moments to SEAS. It may be one minute or 20.

But I am going to Stop. Everything. And. Self-care.

Will you join me?