I was listening to a podcast today. One of the women remarked, “We are all still asking.”

Asking what, you wonder?

We are asking, “Am I beautiful?"

You might think that overblown. But that’s not my experience. I think it is true. We still ask.

I believe in women telling each other we are beautiful. Men can offer great goodness to the conversation if they are loving, not objectifying.

How do you, how do I, align with the truth of our beauty? Without cheapening it or using it as a weapon?

It is a curiosity I am exploring.

As I ask myself this one question, I might have discovered a piece of the answer.

What happens when I ask myself if I am beautiful?

What if I could just look myself in the eye and answer, “Yes, I am beautiful.”

And rest in belief that it’s true.  I wouldn’t have to compete or puff up in response to insecurity. I wouldn’t have self-contempt.

I could just be me.

My friend, Susan, told me years ago that she just wakes up and does the best she can with her clothing, makeup, and hair. Then walks out the door, confident, not thinking about appearance again. I love that. She is owning her beauty but not obsessing. She is participating with caring for herself yet not letting appearance have power to define her. She is not grasping. She is inhabiting her beauty.

And of course, beauty is not only held in appearance. In fact, beauty is inside. But we let it be seen in the embodiment of our true selves. I have seen many outwardly gorgeous women, who open their mouths and speak slander or are petty, and I no longer even see their outward beauty. And on the other side, I have known women who may not strike me as a runway model the first time I meet them, but become stunning because of who they are.

What does it mean to be at home with ourselves? 

What does it mean to embody beauty?

I dare you to ask yourself, “Am I beautiful?”

Let the answer come whatever it is.

If it is negative, ask yourself “Why?” And consider what needs refocus to embrace your unique beauty? Because you have one. I promise.

If it is positive, dance a little.

You are worth celebrating.